Friday, November 9, 2012

18 Months and 30 weeks

Time is going way too fast. I can not believe my little girl is 1 1/2. She is growing up so fast ALREADY!! She amazes me everyday. She is talking up a storm and understands more everyday. She has such a desire to do everything that Mommy is doing. Favorite things to do is cook with Mommy, go shopping with Mommy (she gets very mad if I run in to a store and leave her in the car with Daddy), play with kitchen and shopping cart, and play with "nice Kitties." Every morning when I tell her it is time to get dressed she runs to get her shoes or ask for them and then goes to her bows and tries to put one in. Niah is very sensitive to the mood in the room and does not like a mad or tense or an anxious crowd, she reacts to the mood and gets upset. Kyah is her very best friend and wants to talk to her, see her, and look at her pictures. Kyah's name is said at least 10 times a day and even more if she has just seen her. She is usually a very good child every once in awhile she will throw a little fit when she can not have her way and a stern, No usually gets her to comply and is usually followed with crying due to hurt feelings (very sensitive).

I was going to start potty training around this time. She is definitely interested but I think I will wait till right after I have the baby and spend 3-5 days during the cold winter to stay home and complete the task. Right now she will tell me potty and I will put her on the potty. Unless she gets even more interested I will wait because I think it will be good to do it when I am not leaving the house at all.

Cute things she is doing:
* She has been saying amen for awhile now but recently started saying Jesus when I say lets pray. On the way to church on Sunday she just kept singing Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

*Niah will now lift up my shirt and point at my belly and say, "baby," then rub my belly and usually say, "Nice Baby"

*One of our favorite things to hear her say is snack and she usually says "Snash" really over enunciated. Then she will continue with "Pease"

I will end with a picture
This is a picture from our photo shoot yesterday

This is Niah helping me with laundry
I am 30 weeks along and going to the dr. every 2-3 weeks until 34 weeks and then I get switched to weekly. I feel great with little to know problems. I do get annoying leg cramps in the night but I can handle that. I have gained a total of 14 lbs. Hopefully, at my appt. on Monday after the dr. checks me I will have some details. This pregnancy feels exactly like Niah's. Carry very high, and just like Niah my uterine growth up and down is up higher than most. Dr. is expecting a similar size baby as Niah. He thinks my uterus can not spread out to the right and left like most so it goes up as high as it can and that is why I have smaller babies. He also thinks that I would be on bed rest if I was to have a baby over 7 lbs.

I cleaned out the room that will be this baby's nursery. Poor kid is already getting hand me downs. I bought Niah a dresser and I am going to move the changing table over. Niah's crib turns into a toddler bed but I am going to buy Niah a toddler bed and move her crib over because toddler beds are way cheaper than cribs. We are doing a brown, beige, and white room. I will hopefully be starting to make the bedding next week. I have a few wood shelves I need Matthew to make to hang on the walls, need picture frames, and then we will be pretty much set. I plan to spend a lot of time in the next month getting ready.
This is me at 28 weeks

This is from our photo shoot yesterday


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