Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas List

I am a true lover of Christmas!! I love the decorations, the festivities, the programs, and the presents. I am even more excited this year because Niah will love Christmas and understand it more. Even though I am going to be extremely pregnant at Christmas (37 weeks), I have already started planning holiday activities for us to do with the little one. I am also so excited to decorate with her. I may have so much excitement I may climb on a ladder to hang lights and hope that my husband sees me and finishes the lights for me :-)

In my excitement I have started our Christmas list.

My list

* Dark Brown (expresso) picture frames 8x10 (I have white ones with a thick boarder in Niah's room from Hobby Lobby would like a few like that)
*Nikon 5100 camera ( I thought mom and Matthew could go in together on this one) I am wanting to stop paying an arm and a leg to get our pictures done professionally every 3 months and invest in a camera.
*rug Brown and white zig zag (Here is kinds the idea)

*Diaper bag - something like this but does not have to be the same. neutral color - Leather type material, Dark color because we all know it will get dirty

*Baby book - that goes with brown and white
*Throw pillows for my bed - light and dark grey and white something like this

Niah's List

*Brown Ballet flats Toddler size 5
*The beginner puzzles with the big wood pieces with the handles
*Baby stroller
*fake makeup she loves to play with my make up brushes but the makeup needs to open
*mega bloks - they are easier to put together and take apart than other blocks
*Any sort of stack bowls, or containers
*Long sleeve shirts 18-24 months

Baby Boy's List

I included this because my mom asked and we got Niah gifts the Christmas I was pregnant with her :-) I am excited to think there will be 2 little ones next Christmas!!


*I am looking for more neutral plain clothes to go with stuff I already have
make sure onsies are long sleeve (I like plain colored ones to go with the legs warmers and pants I bought) I bought preemie clothes already so stick with newborn
*soft cotton hats for him to wear since he will be born in the winter the ped. said I will need to keep the soft indoor hats on him for the first month where niah was just the first week.... She said stay away from other materials because it will break out his head
*Bundle me for car seat

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