Thursday, October 25, 2012

How God healed Niah and continues to use her

At Niah's 6 month well check up, I brought to my doctor's attention how I could not feel Niah's soft spot. She checked and said it was very small and that was a concern if all of Niah's soft spots were closed. She immediately scheduled a cat scan. Just 2 weeks later we were taking Niah to get the scan and yes it is a very scary thing to even think you have to do a test like this on your child. That night I headed to Springfield with Matthew for a healing conference held by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson. I held my baby girl in my hands and sang through worship praying that everything would be ok. The next day we went to one of the classes on healing and Bill Johnson said lets pray for healing in kids for illness affecting their brain. I held Niah in my hands and just began crying out to the Lord for Niah's head that if anything was wrong that He would fix it. I felt such a peace after that prayer.

We got the cat scan results back and were told all of her soft spots and one of her 4 suture was closed. We got referred to a pediatric neurologist and a plastic surgeon. The neurologist look at the ct scan and told us that when a suture closes it can prevent the brain from growing, cause swelling, and stunt her developmentally. She said she wanted us to see the plastic surgeon and come back in 2 weeks. The plastic surgeon appt. started with a resident coming in saying the suture was closed and usually results in surgery but the doctor would be in to talk to us. Fear came over me, this was my baby and surgery on her skull involving literally sawing her skull apart. The dr. came in and told us, this is the only suture that can close and not necessarily have to have surgery (immediately it was like God said I am in control, prayer answer #1). He was concerned how her head was already growing at a point in the front. He said that it would be based on how her head shape was, how it grew, and her development.

These are Niah's actual CT scans

The first one shows how the suture down her forehead has closed and how the suture following your hairline is starting to close

The next 2 pictures show how her skull is starting to grow at a point or triangle due to the suture closing. You can also see how small her soft spot is where the sutures meet

This last one shows how the back sutures are very defined

These last 2 pictures are what a babies head should look like with all 4 sutures and fontanels (soft spots)

We started making the drive to Columbia about every 3 weeks which is an hour drive. On the 3rd appt. the drs. were alarmed because her head growth had stopped she was not staying in the 12% she was in for head circumference and had dropped down below the 8%. We were just needing her head to grow a cm every 3 weeks and it was behind 2 cm. They wanted us to do another ct scan. I remembered how much Niah hated the scan and I really didn't want her to go through that again so I asked the dr if we could wait through 2 more appts and see what happens. They reluctantly agreed and I felt a peace about my proposal. After the 2nd appt (6 weeks), Niah's head circumference not only grew but she was in the 14% so it grew more than they needed. (God answered our prayers) Still going to see the Drs. for checkups about every 3 weeks, she stayed right on target with her head growth. They finally said why don't you come back in 4 weeks instead of 3. Then after 4 weeks they said why don't you come back in 6 weeks instead of 4. At that appt. they said why don't we just watch her growth on her head when your primary dr. measures it at her well check ups.

Instantly I felt God say it is done! He promised me over 8 months ago that he was going to heal her at that conference we went to right after her ct scan and now the drs are telling me there is no reason for them to keep seeing her. All I can think the whole time going through this even though I was scared was I am so glad I serve a God that is bigger than this!!

Now being released from the drs. for 3 or 4 months just last week, I was at a mall letting Niah play in the mall play area. I started talking to a mom that had a son just a couple months older than Niah. With in 5 minutes she was telling me how the drs. believe one of her son's sutures may be closed and could cause developmental problems. She had no idea I have been there and I saw the exact same drs. as her. I immediately began to share about Niah and let her pour her concerns to me. Her son had not yet had a ct scan and I was able to leave her with God is bigger than this and I would be praying that ct scan showed everything was ok with her son and that his suture was open. I have prayed for that little boy and mom everyday and I am believing that he is healed. I may never see that mom again but I know my God is bigger. I love not only how God heals but how he uses healing to reach out to other people.

Here is my sweet little girl!!



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