Thursday, October 4, 2012

17 Months and 24 weeks

This week Niah is 17 months old! She is so funny and full of energy. Some of her favorite things to do is cook, "organize" papers, and be outside. Her favorite toys are her kitchen, her car, baby dolls, purses and the golf cart. Her favorite playmate is Kyah (her cousin who is 3 weeks younger). Her vocabulary and comprehension has gone through the roof, at 15 months her vocab was at 30 words and it has close to doubled since then. She is quite sensitive and picks up on the mood in the crowd and gets upset in stressful or upset moods. She does not like anything too loud especially people that are loud. Niah hates it when anyone cries especially Kyah and will cry even louder than the person crying.

Some cute things she has done:

Kyah left yesterday and she has said her name non stop since she left and now I ask her, "Where's Kyah" her reply is, "I don't know" and throwing her hands in the air. Every single time I ask.

I have started talking to her about the baby and I point to the my belly and tell her, "Mommy's Baby" and then I will ask her later where is "Mommy's baby?" to see if she remembered she gets it right half the time. Tonight I said, "where is mommy's baby" instead of telling me she points at her tummy and said, "Niah's Baby." We will have to work on that one :-)

Yesterday in church when my dad (the pastor) got done praying he said, "Amen" and Niah as loud as she possibly could replied with, "Amen."

We absolutely love Niah and she is turning into quite an incredible little girl!!

I was 24 weeks pregnant on Saturday. I have to say this pregnancy has flown by. Now that I am past week 13 I feel great. I never get heartburn and most of the time if I do not look in the mirror I forget I am pregnant. This little guy moves a little bit during the day but gets active in the evening for about an hour. The dr. believes I will have a small baby again,(he does not think I could deliver much bigger of a baby and my biggest prayer is that he will be small. I prayed Niah would be just a little bit bigger than a low birth weight baby which is 5 lbs 8 oz and said I wanted her to be be 5 lbs 10 oz read here Ironically, Niah was 5 lbs 10 oz or not so ironic because God heard my prayer. My prayer is the same, that this baby will be under 6 lbs. I have also added that this baby will be just as good of a baby as Niah or even better (if that is possible.



  1. Congrats on the newest little one! Your daughter is adorable. Found you via the Mommy Mixer.

  2. Look at the belly! I can't wait to see this little guy. You're right this pregnancy is FLYING!!! It seemed like we waited for Niah for forever!