Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Faith Booster.... God always provides!!

I know that God always provides and I trust Him to help me with almost every big purchase, to make the right decision. I do not want to take for grant it the little things (that are actually huge for me), I love the little things.

I will start with my car. I bought a new car in 2008 (it was a year old) and it was only a year old. We have not had any mechanical issues and have put very little money into it since I got it (which is a blessing in its self) but in Jan. of this year Matthew realized some pretty bad rust in the body. He told me a car is not worth anything if it has rust. Well come to find out cars have a 5 year rust warranty, which neither of us knew. Perfect right, no my car was 16 days out of warranty when we took it to the dealership. The dealership filed a claim with Nissan and they said, sorry we can't honor. I called, nissan and they said sorry I can't honor it. A little stressed about the 4,000 it would cost to fix, Matthew and I prayed about it. I just couldn't let it go, 16 DAYS out of warranty. I decided to start a claim on the BBB. Before, I could even get all the papers signed and back to the BBB, Nissan saw the claim was filed and called me. Nissan not only fixed my car, detailed it, but provided a rental and we didn't spend a penny. That was HUGE, God worked, and saved us 4,000 that we didn't really have. God is not done answering my prayers on my car yet. Currently, I took my car to get my tires rotated and the car aligned. The guy tells me it is almost time for new tires, and I call the Husband (the expert in this field) and say hey they say the tires are worn. The tires were just bought at the beginning of the year with less than 12,000 miles on them. So we ask are they evenly worn, and the man replies yes. We explain how new they are and he says go back to the place you bought them. We bought them online and with some very frustrating moments we find the purchase and talk to the company. The company says call the tire company directly, the tire company say the company you bought them from. Finally, the company we bought them in says, "Send your tires in to us." What buy new tires and mail our tires in, I DO NOT THINK SO. I prayed about it and decided to call the tire company one more time. That was it a case was open and we just had to go to a local dealer. Total savings $700!!

Those are really big things that were huge savings in our lives that God blessed us and gave us favor but there are a million other things.

Today, in fact I sold a bag of my old clothes on craigslist for $45 and then went into the store and bought Niah some winter clothes (she may have not needed all of it but she will look so cute). Total price for the 7 items I bought $50. The great thing was that I had $5 dollars that I found in my pocket! I really always pray before I go to the mall for favor, wisdom in shopping, and great sales. It always works!!

A very small thing that happened the other day that was such a blessing was that I needed to go to the store and it was pouring down rain while I was in town, as soon as I pulled in a car right next to the door pulled out. All mother's that have kids in car seats know what a huge thing that is, to just have to make a small little jot to the door instead of crossing the whole parking lot while caring a baby in the rain.

A huge thing to me maybe not so big to others that I am so thankful for is my child has never had a fever or has been sick except for some minor runny noses (due to teething, I think).

I will not bore you with any more stories but I will tell you how incredibly thankful I am for God's blessings everyday.

I believe that as my husband and I give, God gives back. And I am so completely grateful for His blessings. Some may think this is so cliche to say but I am writing it because I honestly believe that and see it in my life every day.

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