Friday, October 25, 2013

Why I Vaccinate

When I was pregnant with my first baby, Niah, I planned and researched everything you could possible think of to become well informed. One thing, I spent an enormous amount of time researching is vaccinations. Before, I made the decision I wanted to be well informed.

After hours of research, I chose to vaccinate and this is why:

This is Malachi right after getting his vaccinations this week
1. I want my kids to travel all over the world for leisure and missions. Niah has already been to Mexico and we will hopefully be going somewhere this winter with Niah and Malachi. When they are a little older like 5 and 7, I want to take them on a missions trips to help other kids. Vaccinations make that travel safe for them.

2. Children all over the world suffer from the sickness my kids are getting vaccinated for, because the vaccinations are not available to them. I have personally been to orphanages in desperate need of vaccinations and quarantine kids that had sicknesses and kids that didn't as they waited for the arrival of the vaccinations. I want my kids to take advantage of the privileges in the US and to never be at risk for getting those sickness.

3. History shows that vaccinations help eliminate illness.

4. Their is no hard evidence or studies that show that vaccinations are harmful or cause autism.
I do not have them get the flu vaccination but almost all other vaccinations they get. As parents we have to make the best decision for our kids. Vaccinations are the best option for our family but may not be for everyone. Do you vaccinate, why or why not?

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  1. It's great to see a pro-vaccination post!! As a mother and a nurse I vaccinate for the health and well being of my children and all of my community! Both of my girls got their flu vaccines today (and my husband and I are also vaccinated since we work in hospitals). Thanks for sharing!