Friday, November 1, 2013

Funny Little things

Niah is almost 2 1/2 years old and we spend our days enjoying her and laughing at the funny things she says and does.

She has been potty trained since 2 years and 1 month, with very few accidents. The dr. and parents as teachers tell us Niah speaks better than most 3 year olds. She speaks clear and well, with a huge vocabulary, it is very impressive. We had the talk that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are not real they are just for fun. She still despises the car but loves to go shopping and to the store with Mommy. She is a little helper and likes to be right in the middle of everything. Niah is not good at sharing and we are constantly working on that. She always wants to take whatever Malachi has. She is usually so sweet and has a very sensitive spirit. She enjoys her sleep, she sleeps 12-13 hours a night and takes at least a 3 hour nap. Just last week we changed her over to a toddler bed because she tried climbing out of the crib and fell and busted her nose and she is doing awesome. Niah was a little scared of the change at first but after the first night she loved her bed and does not get out of it even in the morning till we tell her it is ok. If you wake Niah up early from a nap it takes a good hour for her to be in a good mood and not cry about everything.

Niah loves church and loves her friends at church. She has already memorized 2 verses John 3:16-17. We are going to start on verse 3 and once she has memorized her third verse we are going to take her for ice with chocolate.

Here are some things she has said over the last few weeks.

One night she was crying in her bed and I went in there to check on her and she said, "Mommy I can't sleep."

She was playing at her little table and I heard her demand, "Daddy sit down" and from the other room I said, "Niah we do not demand, what do you say if you want somebody to do something," She whispered to Matthew, "I not say please."

This is just something we could not believe she knew how to say. We were at the mall shopping and Niah looks at Matthew and says, "Mommy, Mimi and I went shopping yesterday." Yesterday, was a complete shock because we did go shopping yesterday and she was able to know the time frame.

I was talking on the phone to Christa (my sister) in the car and we were talking about how her 2 year old would not take a nap and she constantly gets out of bed. I got off the phone and Niah said, "Christa is upset." I said, "why" She said, "Christa is upset with Kyah."

I asked Matthew to stop at dollar general and let me run in, Niah immediately say, "Mommy I go in with you." How could I tell her no. So we are in the store and I go to get fingernail polish and niah says, "For Niah" I tell her, "Well really it is for Mommy" She said, "Mommy can Niah use it too, Can mommy share" Niah got her toes painted as soon as we got home

She was playing in her kitchen with Matthew and she said, "Daddy it is not quite done yet."

We took her to play mini golf for the first time and she would put the ball right next to the hole and then hit it in and say, "Hole in One!"

She comes to work with me and we work at a retreat center and summer camp, as cars drive on that she does not recognize she will say, "Who is that?" "Why are they here?"

In the car she was crying so I handed her my phone and she called my friend Lauren and started talking to her for about 5 mins and I didn't not even know it.

Niah told Malachi the other day when he was crying on the floor, "It's ok, mommy will probably come get you."

We went to the dollar store and I picked Malachi a toy out and she picked a toy out. I opened her toy then Malachi's toy (which was a play phone). She immediately wanted Malachi's toy and kept asking for it, I finally told her, "You can play with it when Malachi takes a nap." We pulled up to where I work and Niah said with a huge smile, "Ok Malachi it's time to take a nap." short pause "I will take your phone"

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