Friday, October 10, 2014

Niah turns 3!

My sweet baby girl turned 3 the beginning of may (I realize I am late on this post but let's be honest it happens with kids).


You are an absolute joy in my life.  I enjoy spending my days with you from running errands, working, to just hanging at the house.

You have just the right amount of sugar and spice.  You are so sweet and think about other people often.  You want to help meet everyone's needs and to make sure that no one is hurting.  You have such empathy for others.  One example of how sweet you are is when I say your nightly prayers to you and I forget to say special prayer for Grandma Nancy (who was terminally ill), You immediately say, "Mommy we need to pray that Grandma Nancy does not have any pain."  Instantly melts my heart that one you are learning the power of prayer and two, you think to pray for others.  You have gotten a little spice and sass in your personality.  You will sometimes say the funniest comments that all I can do is laugh.  One time we asked you, "who do you want to spank you?"  Your reply, "Malachi!"  You will now fight for your toys and not just let someone take them (Kyah).

You have a huge vocabulary and say just about anything.  You add funny comments to your sentences such as "Well Actually,"  "Just a little bit," "I no will," "Oh my," and even the other day you used the word "overwhelmed" in a sentence.  We laugh at the comments that you you make and enjoy carrying conversations with you and learning how your mind works.

You do not care for toys but have a love for dresses and shoes.  You take after your mommy and love to shop!  You always say, "Can we go to one more store?"

I absolutely love you and can not imagine life without you!!  You are a true blessing!



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