Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Scoop about Baby #3

The idea of baby #3 goes back to March of this year.  I started to really want another baby but never made any indication that I was wanting another baby because I was not sure if Matthew was on board.  I did not want to be the crazy mom that had all the kids that her husband did not want.  I left it in God's hands and just began praying that if we were suppose to have another baby Matthew would bring it up.  It was just a few weeks later, Matthew did in fact bring it up by saying, "How would you feel about having another baby?"  Wow, what a confirmation that it was right for our family.

From there we were no longer preventing pregnancy :-)  Summer started life got crazy and still no signs of a baby.  It was the end of our busy working season but life was still really crazy with a lot going on and I began to think, "Well it might be ok, that I am not having another baby."  It was not even a week later and the terrible, awful, throwing up hit me in the night.  The only kind of sick I have been in years is pregnancy sick and so I began to wonder, am I sick or am I pregnant?  After day 2, of being sick and family began to say either she is pregnant or deathly ill, I decided to take a pregnancy test.

The results as we all know, were positive!!

I have had a normal birth and a c-section so with this baby we are going for a vbac.  I will be happy either way as long as everything goes smoothly.  If I have a Niah size baby (5lbs 9oz) I should have no problem but a Malachi size baby (7 lbs) will end in a c-section.  I have everything in order to have the baby and go home the same day if everyone is healthy!!  I hate hospitals so this was number 1 on the priority!  Plus I just love getting home and spending time with all my kids and letting them enjoy the baby.

Niah is so excited about the baby!  She talks about the baby constantly and how life will change. She desperately wants a little sister!  She says things like, "When the new baby comes I want to rock the baby in the rocking chair and put her to sleep." or "Only mommy can hold the baby but sometimes me and daddy can."  "Is the baby coming today."

We are so excited for our bundle of joy to arrive!

12 week ultra sound

16 Week ultrasound pics, I can not believe how much growth happens in 4 weeks


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