Friday, January 16, 2015

Chugga Chugga Two Two! Malachi Turns 2

Last Saturday we celebrated Malachi's 2nd Birthday.  He has an absolute love for trains right now so the theme was Chugga Chugga Two Two, and the party was decked out in trains with a special surprise of a ride on train for a present (More details to come on the Party).  Anyways, Malachi's actually Birthday was this Wednesday.  So we made the day very special for him.  We went to lunch where he got a special treat and all the waiters sang to him, then we went swimming, and after dinner he got a cupcake!

I can not believe that it was 2 years ago that my sweet baby boy came onto this earth.  The time has literally gone way to fast as it always seems to with your kids.

Malachi is a spunky little boy, that is all boy!  He loves trains, dump trucks, and helicopters.  He never goes anywhere without his Thomas the Train and we are up to 3 of them to make sure we can find one at all times.  He has always been my cuddle bug that loves to come up to me lay his head on my shoulder and as the cuddling is shorter he still always runs up and wants to lay his head on my shoulder for about 1.2 seconds.  He absolutely loves and adores his Daddy.  He loves to play and be with him.  Will usually asks when we get home where he is at.

Malachi knows what he can get away with, with each person.  He knows that he can prolong bedtime with Daddy.  He will call out after we lay him down, "I need more ice," a few minutes later, "I need lotion, itchy," a few minutes later, "I need something to eat."  I eventually have to go in there and tell him Daddy is not coming in his room and it is time for bed, he immediately lays down and goes to sleep.  Malachi is not afraid of a spanking and most of the time it does not even bother him.  We have really started to stay on top of discipline with him as he is always trying to push the limits but once he knows he will not win he usually begins to straighten up.  He loves adventure and will test the limits but he wants to make sure Mommy or Daddy is near by.  He has really gotten into amusement rides and gets mad if he can't go on a ride that Niah can he gets upset.

Malachi is an excellent self entertaining and can fiddle and play with things for long amounts of time.  Since Niah has gone to preschool, Malachi has enjoyed his special outings with mommy on preschool days.  After we pull out the parking lot he immediately begins to make request of what he wants to do next.  Malachi's favorite foods are; chocolate, baked beans, refried beans, french fries,  tacos, chips of any kind, and chocolate milk.  Malachi has a huge vocabulary and usually talks in complete sentences.  He is a much better communicator than most 2 year old boys.  Malachi loves to sing, his favorite songs to sing right now are Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, Old McDonald, and Happy Birthday.  You can usually hear him sing one of these songs when he is going to sleep.

I can not believe how much he has grown!

We love our sweet little boy and can not imagine life with out him.    I can not express how thankful we are to have him and that I get to be his mommy.  

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