Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baby #3, 30 weeks or somewhere in there

I started writing this post somewhere are 27 weeks and just not finishing!

Baby Girl is growing and growing!!  She started out being very active and was a nonstop mover and then decided to hibernate for the winter and is moving less (more at night than anything).  Carrying high as normal, as the bump grows it just keeps moving up.  Pregnant life, is not much different once I get past the 13th week of terrible throwing up then  I feel great except for the occasional rib aches.

Niah loves to feel the baby she puts her hand on my tummy and just leaves it there.  I am so anxious for when the baby is bigger and Niah will be able to see when her feet and hands push out.   Malachi talks about baby and loves babies but does not grasp their is a baby growing inside of me.  He does grasp we are getting a baby though.  Niah pretends she has a baby in her tummy and it is due the same time my baby is due.  She says things like, "Malachi come feel my tend baby or listen to my tend baby's heartbeat."

All the details are worked out with the hospital on same day discharge.  The only visitors allowed after the baby is born will be Matthew, Niah, and Malachi at the hospital so that I can get discharged quickly.  Then we are looking forward to getting settled in our normal routine at home with a new baby.   Niah is most excited that I am not staying the night.  She likes all the details and has already got every detail confirmed and was very worried about me staying the night at the hospital and did not want that.  She can tell you every dr. involved for the birth and the baby.  She has already formulate rules on who and when people can hold the new baby which involves just Me and her right now :-)

After the holidays and Little Man's big 2 year birthday will be full of preparations for the new baby girl.  Getting all of the clothes out and washed and ready to go.   Rearranging of rooms for everyone and adding room for baby girl.   Weeding out things we do not need such as toys, clothes, and ect.  Pulling out all newborn toys and equipment.  Thankfully we will not need anything for baby girl except the huge, ongoing expense of diapers.  I have started going through Niah and Kyah's clothes and I can not believe the amount of clothes.  I have soo many I do not have room for them.

As far as a name goes we have not even talked about a name but I am trying to incorporate something from my name to baby girl since Niah has my middle name and Malachi has Matthew's middle name.  We don't have a theme or anything to the first name we look for a unique meaningful name that no one we know has the name and won't appear on any most poplar list.  We also never pick a name until we see them because we want the name to fit them.  You can instantly tell if a name goes with them but we have always had a list of names we liked.

We are praying for our new addition and so excited for the joy she will bring.  The anticipation is growing and I am so excited for her arrival.

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  1. You look great and congratulations on your Baby Girl! This is my first time at your blog and I love the pregnancy updates :) Stopping by from Mommy Moments.
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/