Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting ready for our Baby Moon

A baby moon is a trip you take before you have another baby.  With Niah we went to Mexico, with Malachi we went to Florida and with baby #3 we are Going to Orlando.  It will we our last trip as a family of 4.
                                                This is our first baby moon

I mentioned the trip back at the end of the summer and then life got busy and we had been so busy we just thought we do not really need to go on a trip.  Then the end of January came and I was weary with work, holiday activities, and Malachi's Birthday.  It was a month of non stop, not a single normal week and I love activity but I absolutely love normal and being a home body.  I purposed the idea to Matthew about the trip and he was on board.

                                    This is our second baby moon ( I could not find a family pic)

 I prayed about the trip and ask God to help me find all the details with in our budget.  A very low budget I gave myself, with airfare, activity tickets, and hotel.  God does care and he opened the door in great ways!  Everything came into budget, we are staying at 4 star hotel in a beautiful 2 bdrm villa (we need space) for less $90 a night.  I got great deals on tickets and was even gifted some tickets.

We have lots of activities planned with friends and family (that will be there) and special activities planned for just our family to embrace this last trip of a family of 4.  I am most excited to take my kids to Magic Kingdom, and the funny thing is my kids do not want to see a single Disney Character (Niah does not see it realistic to have large characters and it scares her and Malachi just goes along with Niah) but ride the rides!  So as recommended by a sweet friend, we signed up for Fast Passes on the known busy rides.

                                                   My kids fly so much better than riding in a car!

So as I prepare for the trip, I think what a special treat this is.  It will be so nice to get away and enjoy being a family of 4 to come back and embrace and be excited for becoming a family of 5!  If your wondering I will be 33 weeks on the trip (Yes, Yes I can ride most of the rides at Magic Kingdom, I did print the list off of rides not recommended) and when we return 6 weeks or less till baby girl comes!!  All of this to say I am so ready to get away!!

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  1. Just found your site from Life of Faith's link up.
    We also are expecting number 3 later this year.
    The idea of a baby moon is great! We have just got back from a trip as a family (very early in my pregnancy) and the memories of this time as 4 are so special.
    I hope you have a terrific time!!!!