Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sickness, snow, baby prep, road trips and much more

I came back from Florida (I will cover our great vaca soon)sick, not just a little sick but it hurts to breathe sick.  You do not get any sleep sick, your throat is constantly throbbing and all you want to do is sleep. 2 weeks worth of sick.  My husband got sick over her birthday weekend of all times.  Then my daughter, Niah got sick.  Unfortunately she inherited my throwing up when sick and got a terrible stomach bug that dehydrated her and resulted in an er visit for fluids.  We left with a perky child that wanted a new toy as opposed to the very pitiful child we walked in the doors with.  We now know how to prevent this in the future with dr. recommended treatment, thank goodness!!.  My son, Malachi has a small cough for the last 2 weeks, mainly because he is too small to get rid of the drainage and it is not a constant cough just here and there.  It seems anytime right before you have a baby everyone gets sick.  We have had 2 good snows the month of Feb, all since we have came home from Florida!  My kids are not fans of the cold, but they do like the snow.

                                                                     Snow Fun

Which leads me to whats next, pregnancy, we are at 36 weeks, YAY!!! I have never had any cravings in any pregnancy but I am pretty sure that I have 2 things I just love for the last few months that may be pregnancy cravings, they are ice and carrots.  I could chomp on both all day long, and actually take carrots or a glass ice of with me anywhere I go.  I actually take a huge cup filled with a drink, heavy on the ice and eat the ice all day not too look too crazy with the ice.  I am on weekly appts with the dr.  They are estimating if I make it to my due date baby will be around 6lbs (which is what we want)!  Baby is not engaged which means she is not coming anytime in the next few weeks so she may make it to her due date.  She could be like Niah and be late but we she can not be induced with a vbac so I guess she is in there till she is ready!  Ultrasound said everything looked great and healthy.  My belly is as hard as a rock and as big as a basketball.  The only other thing that has gained a lot of weigh and size is my feeders (as Niah says).

                                                   Baby bump Look at that belly

Baby Prep is now starting, I have started washing all of the newborn clothes and hanging up..... way too many clothes (Niah's clothes, Kiah's clothes, and clearance steals)!  I just love to see all of my favorite clothes that Niah had to come out of the boxes and on to the hanger for a new baby.   I now feel the need to disinfectant our entire house since we have been sick.  Also, I am going to shampoo all of the very little carpet we have to get any dirt out and then ban anyone from spreading germs with their shoes through my house.  I already steam all other floors weekly.  Baby girl can not come home to germs.  Getting all newborn gear out and put together.  Lots of talk with Malachi about baby so I know he understands and will adjust.

I have lots of special surprises for my two little loves before baby.  We have a baby related activity so they can feel apart of the process of new baby and a fun activity planned.  I have individually things planned special for them as well as joint things so they can get some special time in with Mommy before baby.  The biggest thing they are looking forward to is our trip to Big Cedar and to go to SDC.  This is one of our favorite activities and we wanted to go one time before baby came because it will be awhile before we get to go again.  So we are headed on a little last getaway as a family of four the middle/end of March.

                                   This is a pic from our trip to Florida

Life is busy but full of so many wonderful things.  We are so excited for our addition and believe that children are the greatest part of our life!  I can not imagine life without my littles!

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