Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beginning

The plans for a house began with the plans for a wedding. As I looked at table decorations and guest lists, asking Matthew to help with the details, his mind was consumed with details of building a house. Before the wedding was even here we chose a plan, got bids, got new bids (the first ones were outragious), and met with the bank for a construction loan. Choosing a plan that we both aggreed on was not an easy task. I cared about every detail and placement of rooms and he cared about the garage and outside of the house. After a long time talking and searching we agreed!!

The week of the wedding we closed on property!!!

2 Days after the wedding, when we were in Mexico, they began tearing down trees. (I am sad I never got the opportunity to take pictures before that.) We can home from Mexico to a very angry neighbor. Apparently the guys put all of our trees on someone elses lot and it didn't make for a happy person. Matthew had to go down and smooth things over.

Next, they dug the basement to pour concrete. Then they poured the footings.

As of Yesterday it looked like this:

They should pour the basement walls sometime soon!!! Hopefully it is happening today.

Matthew and I are both at a very busy season for work so sometimes it is very late before we get to the house!! But life is wonderful even in the craziest moments, as Matthew and I were talking about in a work day we can be taking care of a crisis such as a dryer catching on fire and right before that we could be praying with teenagers!!

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