Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer days filled with Ice Cream

Summer is officially here and to kick it off, it was 98 degrees with so much humidty that the air was heavy. I am probably 1 out 1,000 that waits for days filled with warmth and heat. My favorite thing about it is that I can eat ice cream outside and not get cold. We eat a lot of ice cream here, in every form ice cream cups, ice cream bars, soft serve, it is probably in the top fifty reasons why I love my job. Matthew thinks I am crazy, even more crazy because I said I would trade the money in for the air conditioner to make an awesome closet or pretty cabinets.

Well the house is moving right along and hopefully framing will start next week. This last week they poured our garage and storage/mechanic room.
This is the garage, a little more backfilling work to be done but I think the garage looks huge.

This is the storage and mechanic room. Only half of the room will be usable the other half will not be tall enough because of the slope to use it.

We have always known but find out everyday that men and women communicate completely different and figuring out how to communicate so the other person is understanding is so very important!! We had said from the very beginning that when we finish the basement we will put a bedroom downstairs. To Matthew that ment that we would maybe put a bedroom downstairs if we found out we needed it. To Me that ment we need to start budgeting for the bed because when we have 2 babies that will be the perfect guestroom so our guest do not have to hear the babies at night. After drawing out the rooms with wood and discussing our needs. It was decided the bedroom was needed!! That we would put a bedroom, bathroom, and a little room for scrapbooking or office, and then the family room or as Matthew calls it the Man cave will only be 32x25 ft instead of 44x25 ft. So here is the basement after it is backfilled and ready for the floor to be poured.

The next picture is a picture of Matthew working on backfilling. Or actually just finished from the day.

We are still working on finding a plumber. We have gotten a few more bids but we are still checking to see if we can get a better bid.
They are pouring the concrete floors on Wednesday for the basement, garage, and mech/storage room. Then comes Framing!!
We are working on managing an extremely busy work life, as well as keeping up with building the house, building our relationship with each other, and growing in the Lord while we do all of it. I am also currently trying to teach Matthew that just because we are tired it does not mean that we quit cleaning. But after talking about it and him not understanding, I quit cleaning the bathroom and started using the guest bathroom. He began to quickly realize why we clean things up as he saw how dirty it gets :-)
A day always gets better when we stop and take a break and eat cold refreshing ice cream!!
Now for some wedding pictures.

Beautiful Ceremony

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