Monday, June 14, 2010

No stopping now!!

This last week has been a busy and productive week for the house and for life. We made it through the first week of youth camp. I picked up the marriage license and changed my name on my drivers license. I need to officially change it on my social security and Matthew is going to officially become a Missouri resident. We also closed on our construction loan, we are now officially in debt (well we we write a check to draw from the loan, we will be). But before I go any further in my blog, I found pictures of our lot completely untouched, before construction so I am going to post those pics.

This week with the house, they poured the basement walls. Then Matthew to save money painted this black paint that is suppose to help the basement not flood. It's paint that goes on the part that goes underground. Then the rain messed up the paint so he repainted the walls. I brought water to him to help in the process. The basement was ready to be backfilled. So, Matthew took on that task as well. It was going well until he hit a rock in the bobcat and got a flat tire but luckily he was almost done at that point. Today, was spent fixing the bobcat tire. The concrete crew started the footers on the garage. Here are pictures of the work started and completed.
Finished product of the basement walls!!

This is the beginning of the footers for the garage

See the black paint Matthew did.

This weekend, to take a rest and just have fun and enjoyed married life, we went on a double date with my sister and her husband. We enjoyed $.10 skee ball, batting cages, and a maze in bagnel dam, then we decided we were not done with the fun and played mini golf and ended the night with ice cream!! We did not let the fun end there but enjoyed some sun on the boat on sunday, as well as eating on the water, and finished with playing on the blob and the iceberg to let Matthew and Ryan enjoy camp and childhood memories of ours.

Goals for the happy couple are to start and get half way done on Thank You cards from the wedding. We really are thankful for everyone that came and supported us!! We definately felt loved and blessed. Cara is working on lien waivers for the construction loan and tons of paperwork and phone calls for work. Matthew is trying to find a good plumber for the house and to fix everything that breaks at camp!! Which he does a wonderful job. Hopefully, the garage will be poured this week for the house!!

I am going to close with a wedding picture or 2 from our professional pictures done by Andew Bowser since we got those back this weekend!!


  1. Cara,
    The blog is great! I am so happy for you and Matthew! And again, welcome to the family!

  2. I like that you provided water for your husband while he worked, what a good wife!

  3. Amber, Thank you!! I am glad you are enjoying the blog.

    Christa: What can I say, I am a good wife :-)