Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What can I do?

I just watched the most devastating movie called, "The Whistleblower." It takes place in Bosnia and shows a very factual, sad reality that takes place all of the world, involving over 30 million victims. It showed sex trafficking, not only sex trafficking but how authority figures play a huge role in human sex trafficking. The movie based on a true story showed American officers, UN officers, Local police, and diplomats turning their heads and playing a part to sex trafficking, I sat there sick to my stomach watching. I knew it happened, I knew it involved millions, and I knew it was horrifying but as I sat there I felt more motivated to help than ever. Maybe, I felt motivated because I now have a daughter and those are daughters, sisters, GIRLS that are taken, exploited, and abused. The question is what can I do? It is not enough to sit and feel sorry for those girls, or forget what is happening. I need to do something! Watching the movie, I was working on my little girl's first birthday party and doing lots of crafts, that I could not afford to just buy but could easily make. The thought is still just a thought in the process but thinking how little girls items for sale such as tulle dresses, tulle skirts, pillowcase dresses, and other items I have been making for Niah. The thought is to open up an etsy shop or something similar and sell these items and the proceeds go to a sex trafficking organization (I have not done my research on which one yet). I may not be at a place to GO and personally help these girls but I do feel that I can HELP and I can educate others. As I was sitting there watching all I could think about is if someone was hurting this little girl and how as a mom I would want people to help her.
So the question I have been pondering is not only what can I do? How do I start? Well here is to starting....

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  1. Well sister maybe out etsey shop could be a piece to the puzzle.