Monday, March 19, 2012

A weekend of crafts!

The weekend started out with a few projects and crafts and ended up being a whole weekend of crafts. I made 2 dresses for my uncle's little girls 1st birthday, colored easter eggs, and made hairbows and flowers for Niah. I am going to tell you about the easter eggs. In my family since I was pretty little we have been coloring Easter eggs this way and I am going to continue coloring easter eggs this way. We blow the inside of the egg out before we color the egg, the egg last as long as you want and I keep my best eggs for the following year. 1. you prick the narrow end with a straight pin
2. Then you prick the wider end with a bigger pin, I actually used a metal kabob to prick my end.
3. You need to stick something in the hole to break the yoke, I used my kabob. 4. Then you blow on the smaller hole and the egg will come out the bigger hole. I sometimes had to shake or stick my kabob in the egg to break it up more. 5. Rinses the egg out.
6. Then you are ready to dye your eggs. I used a glitter egg dye package.
Here are some pictures of the dresses I made

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