Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planning for Everything

I have always been somewhat of a planned person. I like to have a plan and have it worked out to what, where, when, and why. When Matthew and I got married, Matthew wanted to run to Osage Beach (the closest town that has shops and groceries) to run errands everyday. I on the other hand wanted to go once a week and run all of my errands in one night. That was always something we talked about every week on how to handle the errands. Now, that I have Niah, I am even more planned down to when to leave for errands how much time I have to run them, to where to start and finish. I try to start when she has just woke up from her last nap and finish at least an hour before her bedtime. It leaves me 2 1/2 hours but 50 mins is wasted in driving to and from. Just imagine how I want to plan for any kind of trip, anything that involved being gone for more than an hour needed perfect planning. Lots of time to process the trip, pack, and time so just imagine the conversations with a person that does not plan anything beyond 24 hours. I tell you all of this to tell you when you are around people like my husband or my mom, that do not plan, think that I am crazy. For example, a couple weeks ago, we were going to Springfield for Shilah's 1st birthday. I decided that I was not staying the night in Springfield and coming home. Matthew drove separately to church so I could leave straight from church. I left straight from church after feeding Niah, knowing it was her nap time and she would go right to sleep. Half way to Springfield my mom calls saying oh we decided that we would come home tonight to so you do not have to drive by yourself, as you can see my planning and her lack of planning did not match up. The husband calls me slightly ocd but he has learned to love my planning since Niah has been born. It has saved Niah from some terribly uncomfortable situations (especially since she hates car seats). Funny to me how things that drove your spouse crazy because things he is thankful for. Here is the little girl in the car asleep

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