Friday, June 8, 2012

13 Months

Summer and its crazy bliss has started and blogging seems to have taken the back burner.... I guess I can't be supermom and do everything all the time :-) Since I had a moment I thought I would blog about my favorite subject NIAH!!

This picture was taken early this morning at breakfast, We had to start the day right since we would have a busy day of work, a picture session, shopping, and unloading the car after the busy day.

This last month Niah has doubled her vocabulary, is walking, and seems more like a toddler (bitter sweet).

Niah has started walking and now walks more than she crawls. She is so cute trying to get around, she is careful not to fall and always wants to be able to catch herself.

In addition to all of the other words she has said she also says:
I see you (first sentence)
Kyah (she says it everytime she sees her and when she wants to see her, Niah lights up when she says her name)
buh bye
woof woof
And has really started copying almost anything you say, but I do not count a word until she uses it 2 on her own in the right context. The other day my sister said, "Oh Gosh" plain as day Niah repeated it, it is so funny to hear the things she picks up on.
Just yesterday, She got on the golf cart with my mom and I was asking her something and Niah said, "Go," She was not in the mood for waiting :-)

Niah got her toes painted at the pedicure place for the first time and was a champ. Relax, the lady did not charge me, I am not yet paying for her to get her toes done.

Niah loves to play in her pool. She will get in any chance the back door is open. She hates cold water, and is very particular about what conditions she will do things in. She lets you know if it is not right.

We enjoy every moment with our little girl and can never get enough of her. She is one of the biggest joys in our lives and love her to pieces.
I posted this last one just because I thought it was funny, Niah tried on her fall boots from Aunt Amoriah and did not want to take them off

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