Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 Years

Ever since we had Niah most of my post are about her but today I am going to write about us. Yesterday, marked 2 years of marriage. Over the weekend we took a trip to Branson and stayed in a lovely log cabin and continue to celebrate until the day.

I realize 2 years is not that long of a time and I am not writing this post because we have been together a long time, I am writing it because I believe in Marriage. When I wrote/compiled our marriage ceremony the one thing I wanted was people to realize that when a covenant was made in the bible it was for life and that was what we were doing, making a covenant for life. We did not exchange blood as they did in the bible but symbolic of that is the ring, we walked down the aisle (which use to be walking between animal bone), we said our vows, we had witnesses, changed names, and so on. Read up on blood covenants, I found it quite interesting. It was so important to me because I felt in our society; marriage, the covenant, the day was looked at as just not that special, something that can be broken fairly easy, sign a few pieces a paper, go to court, and your done. A covenant made during the bible a person would rather had died than to break a covenant, much more serious. Matthew and I view our covenant as that serious.

In the two years we have been married we have done, gone through alot of big changes. We started out in a brand new place, with new jobs, with no home, in fact they broke ground on our house while we were on our honeymoon. The first 5 months were spent building a home and then 3 months into our marriage we found out we were expecting, Niah. All of that to say we may have our disagreements, even ugly moments but they never last more than a couple minutes and at the end of the day we are each others best friend.

I write this today because we believe in marriage. Something you see everywhere is the affects of divorce, we believe divorce is murder of a relationship and the effects go far past the husband and wife to children. Working at a church and in the past at a school, you see what happens when a marriage covenant is broken not through adults but through precious children. The emotional, physical, and mental toll carries into their adulthood. Our society makes marriage such a casual thing where you spend tons of money for the wedding but that life is too short to stay married. Don't get me wrong marriage takes work and compromise but all great things take work and I believe marriage is wonderful (why do people keep getting married they like it). When we celebrated our anniversary, our marriage, we remembered our covenant. My prayer is that our society would look at marriage as a covenant before God and not just a casual ceremony that is not a life long commitment for the sake of their lives and their childrens.

Yes I did put on my wedding dress

I did watch tv in and put Niah to bed in it
We did have cupcakes because every good celebration as cake

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