Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Little one knows what she wants

Niah is our little one that knows what she wants, and we wouldn't change that for a second. She points and talks and tells you what she wants. She makes sure to let us know, what she wants or does not want.

Some things she knows she wants:
is any food daddy is eating because she knows it is sweet and tasty.
is when we are at a restaurant and a table gets a tasty sandwich before we get our food.
is to be pulled or pushed in any object, right now is her car.
is mommy anytime she first wakes up.
is water to put her hands in, to wash them.

Niah is so close to walking, we are pretty sure she is capable of walking just not ready to take more than 1 or 2 steps. She stands up by herself in the middle of the floor not using anything. She will stand not holding on to anything and play with toys, sing, dance. Favorite songs right now are, Old McDonald (she sings eieio) and row row row your boat (She sings row row row and marrly marrly marrly)

She Now says in addition to all of her other words

This is me and my girl on Mother's Day
This is a picture of the girls playing at their Great Grandma's house I had to improvise because she was lacking in the toy department

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