Monday, May 16, 2016

My oldest turns 5

This year is such an emotional year for me.  My baby turned ONE, Malachi starts preschool, and My sweet Niah turned 5 and goes to KINDERGARTEN! 5 is like the monumental age of no longer a toddler, but a young lady! I can not even contain the emotion, the tears are coming from someone that holds it together pretty good (I think anyway).

Just 5 short years ago, I brought the sweetest little Niah home from the hospital and she made me a "Mommy."  I can not explain what a joy it is to be a mom to my 3 kids.  It is a love I never knew was possible.   There is something so incredibly special about that first time though.  I remember that when I was in that hospital bed knowing I was getting ready to push out a baby and my dream of being a mom (since I was a child) was going to be a reality.  They placed her tiny body on me and so many emotions of happiness and joy occurred the only outward reaction was tears.  A bond that will never be broken.

Dearest Niah,

How is it possible that you are already FIVE.  It seems like yesterday we were in that hospital room and now we are talking Kindergarten.  It is such a bittersweet moment because I love to watch you accomplish and grow but I want to protect you and keep you little forever. 

You amaze me with your huge tender heart.  In your eyes everything should be fair and everyone treated right, I hope you never realize that their are people that do not always do this.  You have a love for Malachi and Cora that could not be matched.  You look out for them, protect them, and love them more than a mommy could ever expect.  You are a giver and have such a servant's heart.  You have such empathy and compassion.  You have a little spunk and say the wittiest things.  You may be calm and quiet but when want something you go after it.  You have learned so much about God's word and tell me Bible Stories and memory verses all the time but more than that you are truly learning that we can pray to God and He will touch us.  Your mommy and daddy have made it our biggest goal and commitment to help you to have a strong relationship with God and to put Him first before anything else (sports, movies, friends, and family).  Sometimes we have to make tough decisions but just know we make every decision in prayer and we love to see how you are beginning to realize the importance of having a relationship with God.

You are shy at first but warm up quickly.  You are such a good listener and want to do everything right.  You fight your naps now and usually only take 3-4 a week but when you do go to sleep, you want to sleep for hours!  Your favorite restaurant is Panera for their mac n cheese.  Your favorite stores are Marshals and Tuesday Morning. You love long dresses that touch the ground.

  You are a calculated decision maker and always weigh every option before making a decision (You get this from your me).  You do not like the unknown and like to know all your options. 

You love when I come to school to your class for special things.  You love ballet and gymnastics and have gotten really good at them.  You love to swim and started swimming under the water last summer.  

I truly enjoy being your mommy and know how special you are.  I know God has a great plan for your life! 

Your Mommy

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