Monday, May 16, 2016

Cora Faith Turns 1

I realize I am so incredible behind on this but I so wanted to make sure I had this documented. 

Cora is at such a fun age.  She is really coming into her personality of sassy and sweet.  She loves to cuddle with her Mommy, just laying on her with her thumb in her mouth.  That is right, I have a thumb sucker, something I thought I would never have and tried to stop but the stomach bug hit at 10 months and I could not stop her when she was sick.  So hopefully soon we will have gotten rid of the thumb sucking.  She lights up when Daddy comes home and crawls to him.  She is the happiest when mommy or daddy is holding her and does not care for anyone else.  She is a mover, that doesn't sit still, all over the place.  When the girl wants something she lets you know.  She can crawl out of every high chair no matter how tight the straps are.

Cora is great eater and loves food.  Her favorites are chicken, organic hot dogs, bananas, lara bars, and pasta.  The girl is a messy eater and because I do not really use bibs we do a lot of stain treatment on her clothes.  She loves to drink water but will drink so much that she spits half of it out all over her.  When she wants food or drink she will throw what she has in her hand and point and wave her hand towards her until you bring it and if she is ignored she makes loud noises.  If she does not want something she will grunt and move her hands to push it out of the way.

Cora can crawl regular but prefers her fast army crawl.  She hates to walk but will take a few steps to appease me then will stop and want to be held.  She prefers to be held over anything.   She is similar to Niah and does not like toys but would rather play with odds and ends and fiddle with my things than toys. 

Cora is petite and made it to the 11% for height at 28.5 inches and 14% weight at 17 lbs 6 ozs,  She is wearing 6-12 months in clothes and size 3 in diapers. 

She can say:
Niah, Mama, Dada, Hi, that, bye, here

She also has specific words for things she wants but are not real words.

Cora is such a sweet addition to our family and enjoy every minute with her.  She adores Niah and tolerates Malachi's taunting well but they do get along when he is not pestering her.  We know God has great plans for her life and we are excited to be apart of that.  We love her so much

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