Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No TV... takes away from resell value??

Almost 7 months ago, only engaged and still long distance, I was on the nightly phone chat with Matthew and as we were discussing our home, I made the statement, "I would rather not have a tv in our house." He had a stunned reaction like that is unbelievable. I explained to him my concern of how tv replaces conversation and quality time. When children are in the family it steals their innocence, teaches them bitter ugly attitudes, and robs their imagination because they are too busy watching tv than to play!! Matthew still thinking it was crazy agreed with my concerns and said we would work out a deal. Then my uncle the electrician tells me that we have to have cable hookups for resell value. Not only in the family room, every bedroom, but the kitchem, bathroom, and any other knook and cranny. About a week ago, Matthew says he has something to tell me. A little hesitant tells me that he bought a tv!! I said I have lots of thoughts 1. How could you make such a big purchase without consulting your life mate 2. I thought we decided we were not going to have a tv in a living room. His reply was oh no this is for the bathroom!! You can imagine my response the BATHROOM. What happened to having limited tv's in our home!! That is still up for debate as to where the tv will be located. But here is the tv still in the box.

The Plumbers are finishing up the house. The electrical starts tomorrow. The roof is just about done.The windows come tomorrow and they will set the windows and doors But the big project for the week was they poured our driveway and our approach!! Here is a picture of the driveway and approach after it was poured.

Now, I need opinions. Matthew has come up with an idea that benefits me completely but we haven't completely decided. He came up with the idea since our laundry room is awfully small to move it downstairs. Then expand my closet to make it over 100 square feet. I would have a bigger laundry room and a huge closet. Downside laundry room is downstairs. Upside added exercise in my day. So that is the big question of the week, what should we do?


  1. Hmmm... Go with the closet! Thats a luxury. And I always appreciate exercise that works itself into my day because then I ca be active without trying. AND, i like the idea of having a laundry room close by, BUT I also like to put laundry room in at night but that can kind of be annoying if you;re going to bed and can hear the laundry going!

  2. I agree with the entire above statement!