Monday, July 12, 2010

OSB boards and working together

I have not had the opportunity to update this last week because we have diligently been working on the house. The last 2 weekends, we have been at the house and litterally measuring, cutting, and nailing OSB board to the house. I have officially learned how to measure and saw. I do not touch the nail gun because it is scary!! I took on the project as a relationship builder activity. It was alot of fun to work together and BUILD OUR HOME!! I love that we are building our marriage and our home in this project. The upstairs is completely framed with a few little things to be done. The trusses come tomorrow for the roof. Then we have to figure out how to expedite the process on windows. We dropped the ball and did not order them and apparently it takes 4-6 weeks to get them in!!!

We made our first trip to Lowe's and agreed upon a shower/tub combo, a jacuzzi tub, and a shower.

I went over frightening and very intense questions with the electrical guy/my uncle, who will do the electrical!!! At the end of the conversation, I wanted to tear walls down and rebuild them in different spots. Matthew said, "He would go through the roof if I did that."

We will meet with cabinet guy this week! It is scary and exciting trying to make all of these decisions. I am all over the place on decisions like this, I know what I want but I fear it will end up not being the right decision.

We are going to look at doors tomorrow

Now I will show pictures of the house!!!
This is the front of the house on one side

This is the front of the garage

This is the hallway to the front door inside the house

This is the shower/tub we bought

This is the living room

This is a spare bedroom/future nursery

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  1. I want to use a nail gun! And I'm excited to see all the house this weekend! And I'm really excited to see you!