Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Reasons you know we are building a house

1. I have become very knowledgeable in construction lingo. I now know Trusses are like the framed wood on the roof. I know osb boards are the wood that gets nailed up after you frame on the outside. I understand words like dried in and finish work.

2. Instead of buying clothes or even decorative house items, we are buying nails and nail guns. Instead of buying furniture we are buying showers and bathtubs. Our latest purchase is a front door.

3. I spend more time talking to subcontractors than I do to my friends and family. How long do you want your cabinets, how many cabinets, do you want rock work on the front of the house, do you want a left or right swinging door, and the list goes on.

4. Matthew and I's dates consist of dinner and doing something like going to lowe's and picking out bathtubs or going to Meeks and picking out shingles. Both were dates we went on recently, so romantic I know your jealous?

5. Every conversation Matthew and I have always includes at some point the house. e.g. We are walking along and talking about the weather or something not related to the house and then we see beautiful rock work and begin to discuss how we are going to do our rock work. Or we are discussing what we need to get done in the house or bids we have gotten.

6. I am now learning how to use power tools. After work and on the weekends, you do not see me laying out but you see me at the house working. You may find me using a saw (which I can use quite well, if I do say so myself), measuring and marking things, or trying to place osb boards.

7. The only places we have credit is Meek and Herman lumber (well, and the bank)!!

8. Matthew and I have started asking other people that are remodeling and building there house where they got things or who they used. And people are coming to us, asking us about our construction and who we use and where we purchased materials.

9. You know we are building a house because a great big house is being built! We are so thankful how God provided, and how he also has been supplying wonderful subcontractors and amazing deals on materials.

Progress on the house is coming along, the trusses were put up on Wednesday. They have worked on putting the osb boards on the roof even in the terrible heat. Wednesday they will start to put shingles up! I am still working on cabinet qoutes. Now I will post some pictures.

Pictures of the trusses

This is a picture of Matthew and Jordan working on the house, and I would saw the pieces while they nailed them in.

Progress on house, almost ready for Black paper, then shingles

Our Front Door!!!

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