Monday, July 30, 2012

Dark truth: Modern Day Slavery

The US ended slavery in 1865 at the end of the Civil War but everyday people, girls are enslaved not just in other countries but in the United States. They are enslaved and forced into the sex trade. Girls, young precious innocent girls' lives are threatened and forced into a life of prostitution. Where people are actually makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a DAY as these poor girls are stripped of all humanity daily, hourly as men take advantage of them and treat them worse than an animal. Sex trafficking is becoming bigger and bigger, for several reasons but one is the money involved. Drugs you can sell the product 1 time and it is gone, girls can be sold over and over. Sex trafficking is the world's fastest growing industry and most profitable criminal activity". It is believed well over 30 billion a year is made in the business. I watched a movie called, "Human Traffic," the man in the movie said, "Sex traffic is such a large enterprise in the US because unfortunately there is a demand."

That qoute has stuck with me since that movie. There is a demand for it and what is the US doing to stop it. I understand that world peace is not obtainable and I realize I can not save the world but I can do something. This subject, this terrible horrifying act has always been close to my heart but since becoming a mom to a daughter it is even more important. Those girls are DAUGHTERS, some as young as 5 and most not older than 25. They are someones, daughter, niece, sister, or grand daughter. They have been tricked, kidnapped, and threatened for their life (and their families lives) to perform over and over sexual acts.

What am I going to do to help, raise awareness, support financial, pray and look for signs in my area. I refuse to close my eyes to this terrible thing and hope and pray that more people will begin to call out Americans actually spending money on girls enslaved. With just less than 30 mins in research, I have found that the state of Missouri is a state with a huge demand for sex traffic. In Kansas City alone, at least 5 girls are rescued from being enslaved in sex traffic a month (a very surprising statistic but I actually know someone coerced and now enslaved in the KC area). I ask and beg of you to do the same.

This week my sister is hosting a Vault denim party in Joplin and all proceeds go to Project Rescue, read about it here I am making my way to Joplin to attend and give my financial support and hope anyone close by can come to. If you do not live close by you can shop online here and enter code 162348.

I post this picture because this is my little girl, my daughter, and my niece. I think of these two often when I think of the poor girls enslaved in Sex trafficking

This is my cousins, one 7 and one 19 and I think of their faces often when I am praying and pleading for the girls enslaved because they are the age of those girls.

I see my girls' faces and think sex trafficking has to be slowed down and stopped for them. Stopped for all of the other daughters, sisters, cousins, nieces, and grand daughters across the world.

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  1. There is a really great organization that Lisa Bevere also has called Pearl Alliance. They have really short, but informative and non-graphic, videos that you guys could show at the party. Just an idea :)

    Here is one of the links: