Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I work

I could tell you alot of pro's about my job that anyone would love, I could tell you about all of the food I get to eat on the job, I could even tell you about the wonderful scenery at my job. Where I work is one of my favorite places in the summer since I was a child. There is a beautiful lake complete with a blob, iceberg, and a waterslide, we have a pool, wonderful lookout points (one of which I got married at), a great staff but none of those things is what makes my job great.

Tonight, I am sitting on the deck praying for 500 chidren that are getting ready to go to the alters and God touch their lives like never before. My job is the greatest job in the whole world because I help make church camp happen for the Southern Missouri District. All summer long thousands of youth and kids come to the Lake of the Ozarks for church camp and they walk into a service each night where if they are open to it God will move in there lives like never before.

Let me give you a little personal background about this camp. I grew up going to this camp here and my very first kids camp, I had just turned 8, I got filled with the holy spirit. Not only that but God really strengthened me and gave me such a desire to share him and not long after that I helped prayed with my friend and sister in my basement to get filled with the spirit. The next year at kids camp I got called into the ministry. I believe that God can move anywhere but I will tell you I believe that there is an annointing at our camp and God touched me is special ways each and every year I was at camp and not only me but he has touched millions over the years. As soon as I was old enough I started going to kids camp as a counselor and I would encourage every child in our church to go to camp. I will never forget the special times I had praying with kids for God to save them, fill them, and speak to them and God always did and I felt so special being apart of that.

Now, I live and work at this camp every single day. I have a one year old with an early bedtime and I do not always get to go to the services like I would like to but please believe I am praying every single night for every kid that walks onto the camp. That God would touch them, that those kids would feel His love, that God would speak to them, and that they would walk away from camp closer the God than ever before. Not only do we pray for camp during camp but all year. Through out the year, I randomly walk into the tabernacle and think about everything God had done at those alters and pray for what God is going to do in the coming camp seasons.

I truly feel priviledged to be apart of what God is doing at this camp

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