Sunday, July 29, 2012

The details of Pregnancy #2

I figured I would share all of those details that people want to ask but most do not :-) We started trying for baby number 2 mid December. From then on out Matthew would ask, "Are you pregnant yet?" In March I bought a 5 pack of pregnancy test, just for fun to start taking them randomly. I took one in March, nothing, I took one in April, nothing. Then May rolled around, the week of Mother's Day, the week after Niah's Birthday I took one and I got a very, very faint second line. I really had no reason to believe I was pregnant, I had no symptoms yet. I didn't tell anyone I took the test and so I took another one 2 days later and got a very faint second line again. I figured that was good enough!! So happy I found out in the comfort of my home instead of the ER (like I did with Niah). I purchased iron on letters and made a onsie for Niah that said Big Sister. On Mother's Day morning while Matthew was making breakfast for me, I put the onsie on Niah and gave her the pregnancy test and sent her to see Daddy. He was very surprised and excited!! He then asked, "How accurate are those things?"
This is my pregnancy test

We made an appointment with the Dr. that next week on thur. We went in and did the ultrasound and the dr. told me it was too early to see a heart beat and he thought I was just over 4 weeks. He told me to come back in 3 weeks and we would do another ultrasound. 6 weeks to the dot, I started getting sick. When I say sick, I mean I can not get out of bed without throwing up and I feel completely lifeless and no energy. I got sick for the first time at Kyah's Birthday and that night completely sick, Niah was also out of routine so she woke up twice in the night and everytime I went to get her, I would get her and immediately be running to the bathroom to THROW UP. Niah thinks it is completely normal to lean over the toilet and fluid come out of your mouth she has watched me throw up now more times than I can count. We returned to the dr. for our second ultrasound and found out I was almost 8 weeks. The dr. was very concerned about my weightloss since the 3 weeks he had seen me before and gave me a new medicine. Thankfully, I still dealt with sickness but I could take one of those amazing pills and be able to get out of bed within a couple hours. Before, I would take my medicine and 3 days later I could get out of bed. The medicine did not take away the nauseaus feeling but no complaining here because I felt human again!! Since then I have gained all the weight I lost plus 1 lb.

I am 15 weeks and go back to the dr. next week.

This picture was just taken and my mom kept telling me she did not think I should still be able to wear a pencil skirt and was concerned there was no baby in there. I took my belt off so you could see the bump a little better. The dr. says I am carrying very high again!

We are so excited for this little bundle of joy.

I have to end with a picture of our dear sweet Niah, this was right before church last sunday


  1. Is she in trouble? It looks like you're making my sweet niece stand in the corner! I will not have that! :) So excited for #2!!!!

  2. She is actually standing by the door to go "bye bye" and slightly irritated I won't open the door until I take a picture!!