Monday, July 23, 2012

Tradegy in our World

I have been thinking about the terrible tradegy that hit Colorado Thur/Fri during that movie since friday evening when I sat down and read article after article and watched news clip after news clip. Knowing how my mind works I should have known I would never be able to go to sleep after going over the tragic events, I just began to have such sorrow for the victim's families. Reading about all of the children that were victims just broke my heart. The entire incidence is so saddening.

I began to think as a mom, how scary to think you are going to a movie and it could turn into a mass murder. That would be the unthinkable to imagine taking your children to what you thought was a safe enviroment and it was the complete the opposite. As I lay there fear swept over me. Am I really raising a child in a place that really any public place is not safe, that it could be potentially dangerous. As a child my mom believed that almost anywhere we were going was safe and that she would let us move leisurely around but I began to think this same world is not as safe as when I was a child. There was no school shootings, there was no mass murders, and was not nearly as many gun shot wounds. I litterally began to sob thinking about the world and how sin has taken it over. Even more so I began to feel so fearful.

I lay in bed and (not trying to make every post spiritual but the truth is God is the biggest part of my life so how could I not) cried and all of sudden of felt a supernatural peace. I realized we do live in a very scary world but God is the ultimate protector. When I put Niah down for bed every night we say a prayer and every Niah I pray, "Protect Niah." Now more than ever I have to have faith that our ultimate Protector will protect her and keep her safe from the evil things of this world.

I also realized even more than beyond my child their are millions of children in this world that need God. They need to know that God is their protector even when no one else is in their corner. They need to feel God's love and know that He is there for them. So yes, we do live in this terrible world filled with heartache but it has given me even more of a desire to reaching out to people!! Letting people see that God is in this dark world, that He can change hearts and lives, and he is our ultimate protector and comfort.

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