Thursday, December 13, 2012

35 Weeks

This pregnancy has flown by and I am almost 35 weeks, less than 6 weeks to due date. I may have not had the time to blog and post every detail of this pregnancy like I did with Niah but this pregnancy was just as special to me as Niah's. I may of had to jot notes down in my planner and down on paper to later put inside the baby book but I have all of the note and details of the pregnancy so I will not forget. This baby already has a place in my heart.

I realize that coming home from the hospital will go a little different since this one is the second but I am ecstatic for that day. I have already began to think of little things to make it special for Niah and baby. I plan to let Niah be the first to hold the baby and take pictures with the baby at the hospital. I am also going to take on potty training Niah shortly after we come home with baby so that it will be Niah's big girl activity to focus on.

The anticipation of this baby is growing as the day comes near. I have absolutely adored every stage Niah has gone through and I am so excited to go through them with this baby and cherish every moment. I pray and think about this baby just as much as I pray and think about Niah and if you do not know me it is an over abundance (which I do not think is possible but I have been told). This baby has such a special place in my heart and I can not wait for the arrival.

This last week, I found a crib for just the right price and now Niah will not have to give up her crib. I am almost completely done with the bumper and now to start on a diaper stacker and the crib skirt. We hung the curtains, got the rug in, and got several adorable accessories from baby's Aunt Mary in Thailand to go in the room. I have been searching endlessly for the perfect pieces here and there. Despite the ugly boy clothes that stores have available I have been able to find, modify, and fix several adorable outfits for baby.

Crib with Bumper and you can see the carpet a little bit
This week I had an ultrasound and we are 100% sure it is a boy. Baby boy is just like Niah measuring big as far at uterine growth but actually only in the 38% for weight so a little below average 4% more than was at this ultrasound Niah. Thankfully that will put me with in a good spot since the doctor is pretty sure I can only deliver a baby pound over Niah. Baby has a small head, another blessing and answer to prayer because it could not be much bigger than Niah. Dr. says as of right now everything is on track for a normal delivery!! I got moved from biweekly appts to weekly appts. Baby will be here before I know it!!

Me at 35 weeks


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