Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Niah's 1st ER visit

Sunday, we went to church and then went to lunch and Niah was playing before we left. She started to climb these stairs as we were leaving and right before I picked her up she started crying. Matthew assumed she was upset because she wanted to play and not get in the car. I never put her in the car seat crying so I was holding her trying to calm her down and the car was anxious to leave. I said, "I think something is wrong she never cries like this." I reluctantly put her in the car seat and we started to pull away. Mary was sitting in the back and said I think something is wrong with her hand she will not grab my hand. Matthew pulled over at the gas station and I got her out. He tried to get her to lift her arm or grip with it, and she would do nothing. Matthew ran into the gas station bought some ice cream and tried to get her to hold the ice cream and she was not moving that hand. We knew something was wrong when she was not going for the ice cream!!

It was such a scary moment to know she never fell and was not sure what was wrong. I sat in the back with her as we headed to the ER and fed her ice cream and as long as she sat completely still she would not cry. I will admit I shed a few tears on the way to the ER, my baby was hurt! The ER was wonderful got us in quickly and the doctor came quickly looked at her arm and moved it. With in 1 minute of the dr. being in the room he said she had nursemaid's elbow and put it back in place. Relief rushed over me as I saw that Niah with in 5 minutes started moving her arm. With in 10 minutes or less she was back to her self.

We were so thankful for a good quick ER and Dr. That the Dr. was the same Dr. that sewed my foot up and we really like him and was thankful he knew what he was doing and did it quickly.

Here is my sweet girl

The adrenaline was high in both Matthew and I that day. We are so thankful how God has protected our little girl and that has been the only Er visit we have gone to.

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