Thursday, February 14, 2013

1 Month

Little man you are one month already, it is hard to believe but at the same time it feels like you were always a part of our family. The transition from 1 to 2 kids has been extremely easy, it could be the combination of I transition with change well and I have wonderful children.

You are a great sleeper and still sleep most the day with only 30-60 minutes of awake time. In that awake time you are really trying to focus in on things. You have black hair and the greyish blueish eye color you were born with. You are great eater but you have a problem with eating for a few minutes and going to sleep then waking up in 15 minutes eating some more and repeating the process for like an hour, which is called snacking. Then once you are full you sleep for 3 hours and we start all over. I tried a paci to get you to wait to eat to maybe cause less snacking, you think that is a terrible idea and get really mad, turn red, and clench your mouth shut at it. I do not mind the snacking during the day it is the night time that throws me for a loop. You usually only wake up to eat at 3 and 7 during the night to eat I am hoping that your 7 will turn to 8 soon because I usually wake up at 8 for the day. You still wear Newborn clothes and Newborn diapers. You have sprayed me more times than I can count while changing your diaper but I have learned and usually put a wipe over you while changing the diaper.

You love to be warm and be held. Your favorite spot when held is on Mommy and Daddy's chest with your head right under our chin. Daddy thinks your a little sauna. You seem to already know when I leave you. I left you twice, once to run to the hotel to get milk only took 5 mins and once I ran up to the gas station took less than 30 mins. Both times you started crying from a dead sleep as soon as I walked out of the house.

Niah still adores you and is very protective. She comforts you when you cry but saying "Ok, Ok" and patting you. She likes to hold you and read her books to you. She gets very concerned if she does not know where you are at and will look for you. She tells everyone when we are out in public to look at you and that you are "nice." She is anxious for you to play with her and I just know you are going to be the best of friends.

We love you so much Malachi. We pray over you and for you everyday. We know you will do great unique things in this world, how could you not with such a strong great unique entrance into this world. I feel so privileged to be your mom!!

The Life Of Faith

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  1. your babies are just so precious! I love their names too!