Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things about pregnancy and baby no one tells you!!

After having 2 babies and thinking about all the things no one told me and just being shocked that women do not share to prepare I thought I would share some of the things that surprised me. Maybe I will help another lady out to not be so surprised :-)

* If you get morning sickness in pregnancy (lucky if you do not) it is not just in the morning. I found out I was pregnant in the E.R. because I had no idea pregnancy caused you to throw up every 30 mins. I remember when the nurse came in and told me nothing was wrong I was just pregnant, complete and utter shock came to my mind thinking pregnancy causes this much sickness.

* No matter how many times someone tells you that you look cute pregnant you will always probably feel big and not so cute.

* When your water breaks in labor it is not just a gush of water, it continually leaks and you feel like you are constantly peeing your pants.

* Pitocin is no fun.... Try to avoid it at all cost.

*During labor and delivery more people will see you indecent than at any other time, at least in my life.

*Once you have your baby and start to breast feed and your milk comes in, you and baby will be covered in milk and you will leak through your clothes for the first 2 months and until your body realizes how much milk to make then it will get better and less leaking occurs.

*When your milk comes in your boobs get really big and hard.

*Breastfeeding may be difficult and demanding in the beginning but worth all the effort don't give up, it gets easier. Way easier!! And is filled with benefits for you and your baby.

*Newborns poop an extreme amount and it will probably get all over their clothes and the changing table at times, be prepared to do some stain removal.

*Strangers with germs will want to touch your baby in public and my suggestion is to put them in a carrier you wear on you in stores or cover their car seat with a blanket, the less people touch the less likely they will catch a sickness.

*It will take months and I mean MONTHS for your body to feel normal again. Don't expect to feel normal or attractive right away. I remember the shock with Niah on how unattractive and out of shape I felt, I remember being so scared I would never get back to my old shape but thankfully it happened and I weighed less starting pregnancy number 2 than with pregnancy number 1.

I am sure other moms could add to list, these are all the things that came to mind quickly.

Despite all of those things there is nothing that compares to having a baby. I enjoy and love the newborn stage so much. My oldest, Niah is 21 months and Malachi is 3 weeks and so far I have loved every stage that Niah has gone through.

Here are some pictures of my sweet babies.

This is little man today sleeping at work, and yes I do realize he only has one sock on. Add that to the list socks do not stay on newborn feet.

Niah sitting on her big girl potty, we just got it last night and she is really excited about it. Potty training starts this weekend.

Niah pushing Malachi on a walk

Malachi taking a bath

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  1. I love you and your babies!!!! This is some good info. Thanks for sharing! I love the breastfeeding advice. You'll probably have to call me everyday when I have a baby for encouragement :D