Sunday, May 26, 2013

4 Months

I am a little late in posting this but I blame it on the fact that we have not had your 4 month check up yet.

You are such a sweet laid back boy but every once in awhile you let us know that you know what you want and show us you will not be forgotten. It seems you have grown so much and you are so big but every time I take you to the dr you come out right at average or below average.

You are still breastfeeding. I am pumping a bottle about 3 times a week and sometimes you get very mad with a bottle and other times you are just fine with a bottle. You are eating about every 3-4 hours during the day. You are taking a nap after every 1 1/2 hours of awake time and sleep for at least 2 hours except in the evening you have about a 3 hour awake time before bed. You are going to bed between 7-8. You will usually wake up 1 time between 10-11 to eat and then you will sleep till 6 am. Your favorite sleeping position is on your side with your hands positioned a certain way, otherwise you will not go to sleep or you will wake up pretty quick. You spit up quite a bit and the dr. tells us it is because you eat too much too fast. She said not to worry about it spitting up does not hurt nor bother you and some babies just spit up a lot. You leave little spit up presents on me every day, and I am so use to it I do not even notice anymore!

You are a pro from rolling tummy to back and just started trying to roll back to tummy but you still have not figured it out.

One of my favorite things is how no matter where I am in the room if I look you in the eye you will smile and even laugh out loud. I can get you to giggle when I say "Hey Buddy." You are extremely ticklish and will laugh like crazy when I rub lotion on your belly or if I run my finger on your neck.

You have not seemed to mind the car until this month. Thank goodness! Your sister hated the car from day 1 and still does and I could not have handled 2 kids crying in the car from day 1 with you. You now will start crying uncontrollably in the car until I stop the car and get you out. I now plan all trips in the car whether it is a 5 min car trip or 25 min car trip to make sure that you will be at your most comfortable and will go to sleep. I am not a fan of when you cry in the car.

You are in size 2 pampers diapers and wear 3-6 month in clothes. You have quite a large wardrobe for a boy but I always feel the need to buy you lots of clothes because you do not have nearly the amount of clothes as your sister. Thankfully, I have found cute boy clothes, it is not an easy task but when I do find them, I buy a lot.

Malachi, we love you so much and you are such a joy in our lives. I can not imagine life without you.


  1. Happy four months to your little man! He is a cutie! My little guy is four months this month too. It's so much fun watching him grow :)

    1. He is my second, I thought it would go slower with the second and it goes by way faster.... Everything is so bittersweet!

  2. Love all his hats! Joined from Mommy Moments.

  3. Hi Cara! Just hopped over to your blog and I must say, I LOVE your children's names. Niah is just beautiful and little M is so adorable. I have a January baby too and love it. :) Anyway, I'm your newest follower and just wanted to say hi!