Friday, May 3, 2013

Niah is turning 2

My Dear Sweet Niah

It is so hard to believe you are turning 2 on Saturday! It seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms at the hospital. You have grown so much in the last year, most of the baby is gone and you are becoming a sweet little girl. You talk up a storm and can hold conversations now, so we talk often about everyday life. I love to have you helping me and you love to help me whether it is cleaning, cooking, or taking care of Malachi you want to be apart. You have a similar sensitive personality to me as being very sensitive to others. I have always cried for others that are upset and do not like hostile or dramatic situations or attitudes and you are the same way, you cry when someone is hurting and you get very bothered by hostile or dramatic situations. I am so glad that you have so much empathy at such a young age but it makes me have to shield you even more from life's tragedies so that you will not take on others problems at such a young age and worry. You are a prayer warrior!! We have never pressured you to pray but only modeled it in our home and now you want to pray for certain people every night, you want to pray before every meal, and when we stop to pray for someone you stop whatever you are doing and join us. Just this morning at breakfast you reminded us to pray for our meal. This reminds me every single day how my actions are so important because if you have learned this from my actions, that means you are watching and you will learn whatever I am doing. It has also helped me in public because I see how actions can affect people and I want my actions to show Jesus' love.
Niah today

This was Niah Last year at this time

You know what you like and you are weary to try new things. You love to swim, you love golf cart rides, you love to be outside, and you love to swing. Your best friend is your cousin, Kyah. That is the first person you ask to pray for every night. You easily get your feelings hurt by Kyah because you have such a love for her and do not understand when Kyah takes something from you or is feisty with you. Your favorite foods are fruit, yogurt, mac n cheese, hamburgers, ice cream, and chocolate chips.

Niah, we absolutely love you to death and you are such a joy. We love every minute with you and you are such a special girl.

Your Mommy

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