Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Jogger, double City Mini Stroller

I just had my second baby back in January and one of the most important products to buy for me was a double stroller. I researched, read reviews, tried out double stroller, and contemplated my decision for weeks. We are not a family that can afford to buy a different double stroller if we did not like the first (as I am sure a lot people can not). After weeks of searching, I decided on Baby Jogger's Double City Mini Stroller.

I got this exact stroller it is their 2011 version in Orange because I could get the best deal on it. I found it at Albee Baby. They had free shipping which made the deal even better, I have a hard time paying for shipping on products, I purchase.

I was so excited when I arrived that I could not wait for my husband to put it together and so I opted to do it myself. I am can honestly report that I was able to assembly no problem. It required no tools and had easy snap in to place assembly. I immediately put my kids in it and tried out and instantly fell in love.

What I loved about it was that it was not very heavy and I can easily get it in and out of my car even holding the baby in one arm. How it folds, so flat and that it folds with such ease I can do it in the matter of seconds. That it pushed so easily and smooth. I can push both kids up the steep hill by my house much easier in this stroller than our single stroller. It works great walking our neighborhood or at the mall. I have no problems getting through doorways or aisle in it. My husband is not one to talk about baby products and he even said it is the best purchase I made.

I did buy the parent console separately and so glad I did for drinks and to put things in. I was going to buy the car seat adapter for my baby who is now 4 months old and never did because I was never sure if my car seat worked in it.

My only complaint is that the underneath storage is hard to get thing in and out of. it works well for putting sweaters and coats but you can not get purses and bags out of it easily. Thankfully it has a storage place on the back of each of these seats.

This was definitely a good choice and I am so glad we bought it.


  1. We have the same it off Albee Baby and got purple so it was $150 cheaper =)

    Be glad you didn't get the carseat adapter. We used it probably 3 times

    Excited to follow your blog. I know Lauren is a big fan of yours!

    1. Well, I am glad that I did not waste my money!! I love Lauren, wished she lived closer!! I am excited to follow your blog as well!